Service commisioned by Morecambe Bay Clinical Commisioning Group
Service commisioned by Morecambe Bay Clinical Commisioning Group 

About Us

South Lakes Ear,   Nose   and   Throat   (ENT)   Service   provides clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common (non-cancer) ENT conditions in children and adults.

The clinical team aims to deliver a service in which patients and GPs can be confident that patients will receive quality, empathetic, holistic patient- centred care.

This is an NHS service for NHS patients. The service is commissioned by the Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group (MBCCG) and delivered by The James Cochrane Practice.

South Lakes ENT Service is based in Kendal, Cumbria and sees patients at Helme Chase Surgery, Burton Road, Kendal.

The clinical team is made up of GPs with Special Interest in ENT, led by Dr Ross Anderson, a local GP with Specialist Interest in ENT. Dr Anderson and his team are supported by Mr Rahimi, Specialist Consultant ENT. The team includes Assistant Practitioners, Specialist Nurses and Healthcare Support Workers.



Services Overview

  • Assessment and management of common ENT symptoms including blocked ears, deafness, painful or itchy ears, snoring, recurrent sore throat, blocked nose, runny nose, sinusitis

  • Audiometry and tympanometry as part of a full assessment of hearing problems

  • Assessment and management of vertigo and balance disorders

  • Microsuction for ear wax removal or for treatment of otitis externa (discharging ears) Including mastoid cavity clearance

  • Assessment and nasal cautery for recurrent nose bleeds

  • Rigid Naso-sinuscopy for the assessment and the treatment of sinusitis & nasal polyps

  • Skin prick testing and assessment of allergy related ENT conditions

  • Smell/ taste disorders and halitosis

  • Assessment of facial pain

  • Nasolaryngoscopy to assess benign swallowing disorders, including globus, benign hoarseness or voice disorders.The GPwSI ENT Service will be able to perform the full complement of procedures expected of a modern ENT Outpatients in the diagnosis and treatment of all the above mentioned conditions.


Who can refer to South Lakes ENT Service?

Any South Lakes community based independent health worker can refer patients. This includes GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Community Nursing teams including District Nurses, STINT, Long Term Conditions Team, GPs and Nurses in PCAS, Health Visitors and School Nurses. The service is available to patients in Cumbria and neighboring areas.



       How make an appointment:

South Lakes ENT Service appointments are booked using ‘e-referral’.

Practitioners without access to ‘e-referral’ must send a referral letter to:

South Lakes ENT Service James Cochrane Practice, Helme Chase Surgery, Burton Road, Kendal, LA9 7HR



01539 718080









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